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Tuesday, October 23, 2007


should be able to

* Imitate others sounds and activities....checked
* Babble different word like sounds....checked
* Indicate wants with gestures other than crying....checked
* Clap hands and bang objects together...checked
* Say one word other than mama or dada....checked
* Crawl well....checked
* Walk holding onto furniture well...checked
* Fearful of strangers....checked
* Pull off socks...checked

will probably be able to

* Say two or more words other than mama or dada
* Take a few steps
* Understand simple instructions....checked
* Test parents responses to certain behavior...checked
* Stand well
* Walk with help
* Shake head no

could possibly be able to . . .

* Walk well
* Scribble with markers or crayons
* Say three or more words other than mama or dada
* Respond to command without gestures
* Babble that sounds like her or she is talking a foreign language....checked
* Drink from a cup independently