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Thursday, December 31, 2009

First Giveaway: Moo Moo Kow™ One-Size Cloth Diaper!

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Giveaway from Mummy's Reviews...Sponsor giveaway ini adalah Abby dari Babe House

lets join this contest..it's easy

- Subscribe to Mummy’s Reviews in a reader or via email (existing subscribers counted)
- Send an email to me with the following information:
Your name
Facebook nickname, if any
Choice of favourite Moo Moo Kow™ One-Size Cloth Diaper (Aplix or Snap) and colour (Visit here)
Who referred you, if any (Email address or Facebook nickname of your friend)
Blog URL, if any

To get EXTRA entries:
- 1 extra entry: First 3 participants (Hurry!)
- 1 extra entry: Become Mummy’s Reviews fan on Facebook (existing fans counted)
- 1 extra entry: For each friend referred to participate in the Giveaway (E.g. Share on Facebook or email your friends)
- 5 extra entries: Blog about this Giveaway and link it back to Mummy’s Reviews
- Unlimited number of extra entries

Click here to join..hurry up..giveaway ends 31 December 2009

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bila dia lapar

irfan: nak nasi
mama: ok
irfan: ipan hungry, perut takde isi
mama: hah, kenapa takde isi?
irfan: mouse amik

huhuhu...kesian anak mama ni..isi perut mouse dah amik ye...ahakssss..

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Cutest Baby of the Planet 2009

Nama : Sayyidah Humaira
Tarikh Lahir: 23 September 2009

I want to nominate my baby girl..

Bermula dari bulan jun, MomBloggersPlanet telah menganjurkan contest setiap bulan dengan tema tertentu..pemenang pertama dan kedua untuk setiap contest secara automatik akan layak menyertai contest Cutest Baby of The Planet 2009...sekarang dah ade 14 contestant..

Sekarang nomination dibuka untuk mencari 6 lagi calon bagi mencukupkan 20 calon ke semuanye...

Hadiah2 sgt menarik tau...

1 x Grand Prize – Total Prizes worth RM2,180

The Photolicious Outdoor Photography Package (Klang Valley)
Lil Kai Store Hamper

1 x 1st Prize – Total Prizes worth RM680

LittleStori Outdoor Photography Package (Klang Valley)
Gymboree Outfit from Cupcake Chic Children’s Boutique

1 x 2nd Prize – Total Prizes worth RM580

LittleBigShots Family Photography Session (Klang Valley/Putrajaya)
Gymboree Outfit from Cupcake Chic Children’s Boutique

1 x 3rd Prize – Total Prizes worth RM355

LensaMama Outdoor Photography Session (KL/Putrajaya)
Book hamper from Little Red Reading Nook

1 x 4th Prize – Total Prizes worth RM239

LensaMama Photography Session Voucher worth RM100
Jet Crystal and Pearl Pendant Jewelry Set from Sabah Accessories
One Drop Perfume Celebrity Women from Adrini’s

1 x 5th Prize – Total Prizes worth RM200

LensaMama Photography Session Voucher worth RM100
Nursing Dress from Adrini’s

1 x 6th Prize – Total Prizes worth RM180

LensaMama Photography Session Voucher worth RM100
Book hamper from Little Red Reading Nook

1 x 7th Prize – Total Prizes worth RM130

LensaMama Photography Session Voucher worth RM50
V-Pattern Jet and Light Sapphire Crystal from Sabah Accessories
Shopping Voucher from Adrini’s worth RM50

1 x 8th Prize – Total Prizes worth RM130

LensaMama Photography Session Voucher worth RM50
Shopping Voucher from EverythingForYouFromMe worth RM50
Shopping Voucher from Adrini’s worth RM30

1 x 9th Prize – Total Prizes worth RM80

LensaMama Photography Session Voucher RM50
Shopping Voucher for Avent ISIS Manual Breastpumps from Nabila House worth RM20
Shopping Vouchers for Perfume Essence Perfume For All from Nabila House worth RM10

1 x 10th Prize – Total Prizes worth RM70

LensaMama Photography Session Voucher worth RM50
Shopping Voucher for Avent ISIS Manual Breastpumps from Nabila House worth RM20

9 x Consolation

Shopping Vouchers for Perfume Essence Perfume For All from Nabila House worth RM10 each

Lets nominate our kids for the Cutest Baby of the Planet 2009 contest by MomBloggersPlanet

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MamaCygBaBy GiVEAwaY

Powered by BannerFans.com

Mulai 15 Dec Ni GiveawaY MamaCygBaby Akan Berlangsung..PAmerKAn KAsihSyg Anda Kepada Si Manja

Di MamaCygBaby ade pelbagai produk seperti Cd, BajU KeBaYe IndoN,Acar CInDai dan byk lagi produk akan ditambah pada masa akan dtg..

Nak join klik sini ye..ade hadiah untuk 30 pemenang tau..cepat2

You are my love, my life, my world..i will always love you forever and ever..

"sayang berpanjangan, membawa ke syurga kasihnya ibu"

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Friday, December 25, 2009

MedaiStore Lucky Draw

Sticky Post

Saya nak join lucky draw pulak kali ni...lucky draw ni anjuran MedaiStore

Hadiahnye????ade hadiah untuk 3 pemenang tau..

dan hadiah2 misteri...

menarik2...manalah tau ade rezeki saya menang CD ni..boleh la try pakaikan adik...

nak join jugak?..mudah je syarat2nye

1. kena beli CD dulu? takde la...sape2 je boleh join ya.. kena jadi FOLLOWER MedaiStore dulu.
2. pastu buat satu ENTRY promote Lucky Draw ni dan pastikan ia STICKY MODE sampai 25 Disember 2009
3. letak BANNER di side bar
4. senaraikan MedaiStore dalam BLOGLIST anda ye.
4. dan jangan lupa LINK balik ke MedaiStore.
5. tinggalkan jejak/komen supaya saya boleh menjejaki anda.

boleh ke MedaiStore untuk maklumat lanjut..

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Baby wearing Baju Melayu/Baju Kurung Contest

kali ni irfan pulak nak join contest

Baby wearing Baju Melayu/Baju Kurung Contest oleh Anak 2 U...

irfan yang berbaju melayu siap bersampin lagi..

Nama: Muhammad Aisy Irfan
Umur: 3 Tahun
Nama mama: Nur Hazwani
Email: iwanie@gmail.com

nak join jugak??syarat2 nye senang je

A) For ALL Bloggers (5 steps)

1. Firstly, become a follower of my blog by clicking the "Follow" button in my sidebar!

2. Subscribe to my blog updates by entering your email into the "Mailing List" box in the sidebar.

3. Put in our blog's link or banner into your website's sidebar or links page - just copy and paste the following code ;

Copy the code in my sidebar to your website to display this banner!

4. Write a post on your blog linking to this contest- "Baby wearing Baju Melayu/Baju Kurung Contest". Please include your kid's photo, name,age with your fullname, mailing address, contact number and email.

5. Then come back here and leave your message in my shoutbox or comment box.

B) For NON Bloggers (3 steps)

1. Firstly, become a follower of my blog by clicking the "Follow" button in my sidebar!

2. Subscribe to my blog updates by entering your email into the "Mailing List" box in the sidebar.

3. Send an email regarding this contest to your 3(three) friends and 'CC' it to anaktoublogspot@yahoo.com . Please include your kid's photo, name,age with your fullname, mailing address and contact number.

senang je kan..klik sini untuk join contest ni

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

adik tak sihat

adik tak sihat sekarang ni..batuk2 selsema..jangkit dari irfan..irfan dah sihat, tapi adik masih belum sihat lagi...

kesian adik...tak selesa hidung tersumbat..teruk jugak batuk dia...tgh2 malam pun terbatuk2...menyusu pun tak nak..risau pulak...

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Nangis Contest By Mummy Ariq

adik nak join contest lagi la...kali Nangis Contest by Mummy Ariq

saya pilih gambar yang ni

Nama: Sayyidah Humaira
Umur: 2 Bulan

nak tau kenapa sayyidah nangis???gk gambar sayyidah menangis ni...siap berheadband semua, tapi tak berbaju...ni tak lain tak bukan keje abah dia la...sayyidah ni dah mengantuk, tapi abahnye nak jugak shoot gambar sayyidah....nak shoot gambar sayyidah dalam bakul semua...tu yang berheadband tapi tak berbaju tu...heheheh...sayyidah ni pulak kalau nak tido/ngantuk mmg tak leh kacau dia..kalau kacau ni la jadi nye..meraung tak ingat dunia..macam kena cubit2 je...last2 abahnye dapat shoot gambar sayyidah menangis je la...hahaha...

nak join jugak?..klik sini untuk maklumat lanjut

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sesi menangis bersama adik



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Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Cheeky Boo Giveaway

This Giveway is from My Cheeky Boo

The prize are 2 pcs of Moo Moo Kow (TM) diaper worth RM73 each for 2 winners

My Cheeky Boo offers may product suitable for moms and kids..Cloth diapers and the accessories, baby slings/pouches, cloth mama product, rume bags, kid apparel, natural soaps, bento accessories and bargain and preloved items too..all the products offered are very good quality...so interesting..for more info on their product, go to My Cheeky Boo store

I like to win this giveaway because, i want to try cloth diaper for my 2 months old daughter..for now i'm still using disposable diaper for her..and i want to try cloth diaper for her..Moo Moo Kow (TM) diaper really attracts me..i love the Moo Moo Kow (TM) diaper specifications..

About Moo Moo Kow(TM) Diaper :
1. It's an One Size pocket diaper that comes with 2 microfibre inserts (1 Large, 1 Small)
2. Moo Moo Kow(TM) Diaper has 4 setting which is S, M, ML and L which can fit from 3kg-18kg!
3. It is made with PUL outer and suede cloth as inner
4. It comes with 11 yummy solids colour that suits boys and girls

and it is easy to use..i like it

if i win this giveaway, i would this colour

red..beautiful isn't it?and i think the colour suits my baby girl

Want to join and try your luck too???go to My Cheeky Boo blog for details ok..

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

sesi menangis bersama irfan




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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Curious Kids Need To Be Tough Inside

As a mother of a growing up and full of curiosity son and a baby girl, it is important to me to help increase my children immune system.

Every child are curious and of course my son too. My son like to explore things in order to learn new things. Playing is one of the method in learning new things and it's ok to get dirty throughout the learning process. Yup, curious kids need to be tough inside

And soon enough my baby girl will join his brother in exploring things and to be curious as her big brother.

Kids are always exposed to bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites that can make them sick. Strong immune system can protect them from these pathogens and therefore prevent them from being ill..

Therefore my curious children need to be tough inside and it is my job to make sure my children though inside.

These are few ways that i practice to increase my children immune system:-

1. Breastmilk
Yup..breastmilk is the best for our baby...Breastmilk has all that is needed to developed and increase our childs immune system and to protect them against diseases...

2. Nutritious meal
As my son growing up, he need a very nutritious food to keep him healthy...as a housewife, i have plenty of time to cook nutritious meal for my son...my son is a very picky eater..therefore, i always try to cook different type of food for him to make sure he gets all the nutrition that he need. I also limit the sugar intake for my son because sugar can weaken immune system..

3. Fruits and vegetables
Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables...i always make sure fruits are always in the fridge...so that my son can eat them anytime...

4. Plain water
Drinking lots and lots of water is very important to keep my child active and fresh everyday

5. Milk
I give my son drink milk every day to boost his immune system

6. Love and attention
Lots of love and attention is very important to increase a child immune system..hugs, kisses, massages and other loving touches will make a child feel loved and secure. this will increase the child immune system...a happy child is a healthy child

7. Good hygiene practice
Good hygiene practice is very important..kids need to be educate about good hygiene practice from baby..As parents we need to show good example in good hygiene practice

8. Outdoor activities
My sons love to play outside, running, jumping and all that can make him sweat and this very good for him.

Go my children go...Go Explore and Learn..There is no boundaries in learning good things..

Lets join Nuffnang Friso Gold Family Day Out contest to get an invitation to Nuffnang Friso Gold Family Day Out. Lots of fun activies for our kids and of course parents too...

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Customized Felt Tshirt Giveaway....

Sticky post

tgk tshirt ni..sgt cantik ok..

korang nak???saya nakkk...

sape nak join giveaway ni boleh ke blog TiniHani...

bukan satu je tshirt tau...tapi 4 Tshirt untuk 4 pemenang bertuah..boleh pilih saiz dan design...

Syarat-syarat untuk memasuki dan memenangi giveaway ini adalah (senang aje..):

1. Buat satu entry khas di blog anda untuk Customized Felt Tshirt Giveaway. Nyatakan juga design/perkataan yang anda ingin lihat diatas tshirt anda.
2. Tinggalkan komen anda bersama link entry yang telah anda buat berserta email diruangan komen
3. Tarikh tutup penyertaan adalah pada 15 Disember 2009 jam 12.30tengah hari.

Kalau saya terpilih jadi pemenang bertuah tu saya nak

word: mama's lil boy pic: boy with ball

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Irfan & Sayyidah


Irfan & Sayyidah

tgk la tgn si irfan tu..ade tatoo sticker stitch..nak bersihkan dia tak bagi...jenuh memujuk dia berhari2 suruh bersihkan tatoo sticker tu..

irfan pantang nampak kamera..mesti dia nak berposing..susah nak amik gambar adik sorang2..si irfan mesti nak bergambar sama jugak


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Sticky post


kali ni oleh Sweet Wannur dan Comel Bergaya

nak tau ape hadiahnye???

hadiahnya terdiri drpd barangan dari sweetwannurshoppe beserta hadiah misteri sumbangan comel bergaya!!

Cepat2 ke Sweet Wannur dan Comel Bergaya dan sertai giveaway ni....

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Monday, December 14, 2009

dua beradik itu tak sihat

irfan kan tak sihat dari minggu lepas lagi...batuk2 dan selsema...sekarang pun tak baik2 lagi...bila tak sihat ni si irfan langsung tak nak makan..puas dipujuk, bagi dia makanan yang dia suka...makannye cuma 2-3 suap je...kalau dipaksa makan, habis muntah balik semua...huhuu...makin kurus la anak bujang ku itu...risau pulak tgk dia tak nak makan langsung...susu pun tak nak

dan sekarang, adik pulak dah berjangkit selsema dan batuk...alahai...meragam je la keje dia..tak selesa hidung tersumbat kot...

Semoga anak2 mama cepat sembuh...

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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sweet Treat Giveaway

Sticky Post

Giveaway lagi la...kali ni dari giveaway nasuha

Hadiahnye menarik dan comel2

jom ramai2 join Sweet Treat Giveaway...menarikkan hadiahnye....giveaway ini berakhir pada 25 Disember 2009

Saya sgt tertarik dgn kad2 handmade nasuha ni semuanye cantik2...semua saya suka

saya sgt suka kad ini...simple tapi comel dgn butterfly tu

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Colour City Shop Christmas Giveaway

Sticky Post

Another giveaway...this time from Color city shop...

The giveaway are cute...look at the buttons..i like it...

interested to join too??...go to Color City Shop Christmas Giveaway

How to win:

1. Post this giveaway at your blog/facebook/website. Remember to link back to
this post so that other people can join too. You can use the picture above with your post.

2. Click on the Follow button on the right on my blog to follow my blog.

3. Finally leave a coment on your link of your post/facebook/website on this post to eligible you to enter the prize draw.

Giveaways ends at 13 December 2009 Sunday 11:59pm Malaysia time.

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

wedding di hujung minggu

sebenarnye weekend lepas, kami plan nak bercuti2...mr. irwan dah apply cuti sampai hari selasa..dah plan nak balik teluk intan lepas pegi birthday bash aqeel..ahad pegi bercuti2 sampai selasa...tapi semua plan tak menjadi....parents saya dtg sini hari jumaat...sabtu pegi wedding sedara kat kajang..ingatkan kejap je, boleh la ke bash aqeel lepas tu..tapi tak sempat...kol 4 lebih baru balik dari wedding...huhuhu...

plan nak bercuti ke cameron pun tak jadi...kami dah booking bilik semua...tapi tak jadi pegi...huhuhu...makanye bercuti2 di rumah saje la ye....

gambar2 masa wedding di kajang..

ni la pengantinnye..majlis nye kat dewan

yang kawin ni anak bongsu kepada adik opah saya...tu yang dah habis majlis baru balik tu..jumpa sedara mara semua

satu je la ye saya letak gambar pengantin..hehehe

nak letak gambar cendol pulak...ahaksss...cendol ni salah satu food masa wedding tu...sedap...

irfan yang sungguh khusyuk makan cendol...atok yang suap

mr. irwan pun sama..beriya dia makan cendol tu...3-4 mangkuk jugak la dia belasah...hahaha..

saya pulak makan cendol sikit2 je la..buat rasa2..mana boleh minum ais..kang kembung perut pulak si kecik tu

adik sayyidah pun nak bergambar jugak

nampak je bulat..sebenarnye takde la bulat sgt...tak kuat menyusu si adik ni...berat pun tak berapa naik..

suka sgt main lidah dan air liur...ish ish ish

ahad dok rumah, isnin ke ikea, selasa di kg sri aman..itula cara2 kami menghabiskan cuti...huhuhu..bila leh cuti2 malaysia ni..

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