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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Curious Kids Need To Be Tough Inside

As a mother of a growing up and full of curiosity son and a baby girl, it is important to me to help increase my children immune system.

Every child are curious and of course my son too. My son like to explore things in order to learn new things. Playing is one of the method in learning new things and it's ok to get dirty throughout the learning process. Yup, curious kids need to be tough inside

And soon enough my baby girl will join his brother in exploring things and to be curious as her big brother.

Kids are always exposed to bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites that can make them sick. Strong immune system can protect them from these pathogens and therefore prevent them from being ill..

Therefore my curious children need to be tough inside and it is my job to make sure my children though inside.

These are few ways that i practice to increase my children immune system:-

1. Breastmilk
Yup..breastmilk is the best for our baby...Breastmilk has all that is needed to developed and increase our childs immune system and to protect them against diseases...

2. Nutritious meal
As my son growing up, he need a very nutritious food to keep him healthy...as a housewife, i have plenty of time to cook nutritious meal for my son...my son is a very picky eater..therefore, i always try to cook different type of food for him to make sure he gets all the nutrition that he need. I also limit the sugar intake for my son because sugar can weaken immune system..

3. Fruits and vegetables
Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables...i always make sure fruits are always in the fridge...so that my son can eat them anytime...

4. Plain water
Drinking lots and lots of water is very important to keep my child active and fresh everyday

5. Milk
I give my son drink milk every day to boost his immune system

6. Love and attention
Lots of love and attention is very important to increase a child immune system..hugs, kisses, massages and other loving touches will make a child feel loved and secure. this will increase the child immune system...a happy child is a healthy child

7. Good hygiene practice
Good hygiene practice is very important..kids need to be educate about good hygiene practice from baby..As parents we need to show good example in good hygiene practice

8. Outdoor activities
My sons love to play outside, running, jumping and all that can make him sweat and this very good for him.

Go my children go...Go Explore and Learn..There is no boundaries in learning good things..

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