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Thursday, January 21, 2010

MOBS & Kedai Gambar Kami : Cutest Baby with Blanket Contest

MOBS & Kedai Gambar Kami menganjurkan Cutest Baby with Blanket Contest

Syarat2 penyertaan mudah je

1. Be a follower of MOBS & Kedai Gambar Kami
2. Add both blogs to your blogroll list MOBS & Kedai Gambar Kami
3. Blog about this contest with the title
"MOBS & Kedai Gambar Kami : Cutest Baby with Blanket Contest"
4. Choose a pic of your baby (0-3yrs) with the above theme ... with blanket la .... Don't forget to add Baby Name, Age at picture and Current age and tell us a bit about your baby.
NEW NOTE : Contest Picture should not more than 1 year ago.. ok?
5. Add the contest banner to your blog sidebar with link back to this contest.
6. Leave your blog link entry + email here :)
7. That's it... simple right??

ni gambar sayyidah with blanket

Name: Sayyidah Humaira
Age at picture: 1 month
Current age: 4 months

kalau mood sayyidah baik, senang nak shoot gambar dia..senang nak dapat shot yang menarik...tapi kalau tak kena ngan mood dia, di agah macam mana pun dia buat tak tau je...hehehe

klik sini untuk join

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CatlinaFly said...

salam..sponsor dtg menjenguk..i jumpe blog ni bukan kat komen tapi kat link entry,maybe MOBS belum approval lagi entry u..do check nanti k..good luck!


JuJue said...

comei nyerr...gambar tu cun sgt. maybe kaler tu marii kot!

mamaaerish : said...

canteknyer gambar... cute... gd luck yer.. :)