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Thursday, January 22, 2009


kali ni kena tag dengan mimi...ade 2 tag..buat satu je dulu ye...

Random Facts About Myself


First Name: Nur Hazwani

Name you wish you had: I love my name..

People normally call you:wanie

Birthday:17th Sept

Birthplace:Kuala Lumpur

Time of Birth:pagi kalau tak silap

Single or taken:Taken

Zodiac Sign:Virgo


How tall are you:153 cm

Wish you were taller:Yup..

Eye Color: Black

Current hair colour: Black

Short or long hair: Long

Ever dye your hair a bizarre color: Nope

Last time you did something dramatic with your hair: Cam tak pernah je

Glasses or contacts:neither

Do you wear makeup:Sometimes

Paint your nails:Nope..inai kira ke?

Shy or outgoing: A bit of both

Sexy or cute: Cute...wakakaka

Serious or fun: Depends

A turn on: romantic dinner

A turn off: Rude people


Flowers or chocolates:Chocolates

Pepsi or coke:neither

Rap or rock:Both

Relationship or one night stand:Relationship

School or work:Both

Love or Money: Nak dua2 la

Movie or Musics: Movies

Country or city:City

Sunny or Rainy Days:Both

Friends or family:Both


Ever lied: Yup

Stole something:Time budak2 dulu..curi2 makan jajan adik..hehehe

Smoked: Nope..tak suka org yg merokok kat public ni...

Hurt someone close to you:Yes

Broke someone’s heart:Not sure..rasa cam tak pernah

Wonder what was wrong with you:Sometimes

Wish you were prince or princess:princess..berangan sekali-sekala

Like someone who was taken:Never

Shaved your head:Never

Used Chopstick:Yes

Sang in the mirror to yourself: Selalu..hahahaha



Candy:Tak berapa suka candy

Song: semua layan

Color: Blue

Movie: byk ooo

Singer: siape ye?

Junk Food: kuat makan jajan

Website: My blog

Location: Puchong

Animal: Cat

Ever cried over someone: Selalu

Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself: lebih rajin

Do you think you’re attractive:Yes

If you had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose: Snow white

Do you play any sports: masa sekolah2 dulu ade la

8 People I wanna tag:
Sesiapa je la yg nak buat tag ni

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SaDi said...

panjangnye jawapan tag ni... :)