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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

pap smear

ini ade info sikit pasal pap smear..copy paste dari sini

What is a Pap Smear?
A Pap Smear is a simple test that checks for changes in the cells that line the cervix. When a Pap Smear is carried out regularly, it can help detect cancer of the cervix at an early stage, when the chances of cure is high.

In 1998, 10.5% of Malaysian female cancer deaths at a government hospital was due to cancer of the cervix.

Every woman between the age of 20 and 65 years, who is sexually active is advised to have a Pap Smear yearly.

Benefits of a Pap Smear
- It can detect any cell changes that can lead to cancer if it is left untreated.
- In the process of carrying out a Pap Smear, the cervix is also checked for growths (e.g. polyp), erosion (inflammation) and presence of discharge around the cervix, which is suggestive of infection.

How do I prepare for a Pap Smear?
A Pap Smear is not carried out when you are bleeding or having your periods. Do not douche or use vaginal creams for 48 hours prior to the test. A Pap Smear is also not carried out when there is an ongoing infection.

What happens during the procedure?
You are asked to lie on your back and a speculum is gently inserted into your vagina so that the cervix can be seen. A spatula or a brush is now used to wipe off the cells from inside the opening of the cervix and then the outer part of the cervix. These cells are then smeared onto a microscope slide and sent to the laboratory for analysis.

A Pap Smear is then followed by a vaginal examination. This is when the doctor inserts two of his/her fingers into the vagina to feel the uterus and the ovaries. The doctor's other hand would be on the lower part of your abdomen. This allows detection of problems of the uterus (e.g. fibroids) and ovaries (e.g. cysts).

This completes the pelvic examination.

Would it be painful?
It is not a painful examination. The most important aspect of this examination is that you have to be relaxed. Breathing in and out slowly during the procedure helps make it more comfortable.

What happens next?
The results would usually be known in a week. If the result is normal, there is no treatment and your are advised to carry out the Pap Smear again the next year. If there is an infection, treatment is prescribed. If the cells appear abnormal, more test may be necessary. Your doctor would be the best person to advise accordingly.

so sesiapa yg belum pernah buat pap smear ni boleh la pegi klinik2 atau gynae untuk buat test ni ye...penting ni tau...tak sakit sgt pun..

kalau ade sesiapa nak buat pap smear kat tempat wanie buat hari tu..ni info nye

Hospital Pakar Annur
No 14&16 Medan Pusat Bandar 1,
Seksyen 9, 43650 Bandar Baru Bangi

No telefon klinik Gynae Annur: 03-89250020

ade 2 gynae kat situ...Dr. Fatimah dan Dr. Khamsiah..wanie jumpa Dr. Khamsiah sebab dia gynae wanie masa mengandung dan bersalinkan irfan...dia siap ingat wanie lagi ok..walaupun last jumpa dia tahun 2006 dulu...lama tu...


Mimi~Najeeb said...

wanie..saya last sekali buat pap smear Dec 2006..after confinement. patutnya buat every year kan..tapi baru nk gi buat lg next month..huhu

Eisha said...

owh br sy paham huhu

wanie said...

mimi..wanie pun skip jugak setahun..heheh..first masa lepas bersalinkan irfan...selasa lepas yg 2nd

SaDi said...

alaaa... tahun depan kena buat pap smear... malas nyyyyeeeeeee

yantz-yeem said...

guds info...mmg plan akn buat..tp nak pi klinik lppkn je la..leh check mcm2 tp duk planning dr dlu..nak pi nyer x gaks..adeiiihaiii